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Written and Directed by

Tim J. LIm

Short Film - 12 Minutes - Horror /Drama

When a pastor is forced to make a statement to either accept or reject the LGBTQIA+ community, a spirit who delivers a message while she experiences sleep paralysis visits her each night.


directed by Tim J. Lim

Written by Danny Bernardo

Short Film - 15 Minutes - Drama

A grieving widower must come to terms with the biggest obstacle in his healing process: his dead husband's dog.


By Proxy

written and directed by Tim J. Lim 

Short Film -- 15 minutes - Crime Thriller

A detective is forced to make a difficult decision when asked to dismiss a young girl with a horrific accusation regarding an abusive aunt. Is the young girl lying, or can she be the victim of Munchausens By Proxy?



written and directed by Tim J. Lim

Short Film -- 8 Minutes -- Adventure

Doug, after receiving a positive preliminary HIV test, copes with the 5 Stages of Grief during the waiting period for his secondary tests by escaping into an alternate universe where he plays his life as a video game.



written and directed by Tim J. Lim

Short Film -- 5 minutes -- Experimental

Journey into the mind of a man with OCD. Sometimes all we need to remember is that we are not alone.