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Tim J. Lim is a Director/Writer based out of Los Angeles California. Though native to the United States, he spent 13 years in China, including high school, and is ethnically Korean. After high school, he graduated with a BA from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan for Media Production, and also spent a full year in Hollywood through a combination of the Los Angeles Film Studies Center as a Director and Independent Studies. 


In February of 2013, Tim made his permanent move to Los Angeles, where he's been able to work on quite a few projects, including various positions in the entire production process. Most notable, he's been on the 90th Academy Awards as a singer and dancer for The Greatest Showman: This Is Me performance alongside Keala Settle. However he's worked on various other jobs as an editor, fundraising coordinator, production coordinator (PC), assistant director (AD/2nd AD/APOC), makeup artist, music composer, voiceover artist, and even tour guiding. However, his main passion is to tell stories in the film and television medium.  


Most of the time, the subject matter ends up being a search of the truth and beauty in the darkness that the world contains so much of. Due to his unique cultural background, Tim searches for new perspectives on the stories that he tells. He recently has been delving into the Asian American Liberation movement, LGBTQIA+ reconciliation with the church, and psychology, including work on the Enneagram (he's a 9 with possibly both wings). He's also an avid gamer, lover of the hipster new wave coffee culture, and is passionate about getting to know different people and their unique stories, perspectives, and voices. 

In recent years, Tim has had a few films making the festival rounds, including Jerky which premiered at the Cannes Short Film Corner hosted by the Cannes Film Festival, and also official selections at both OutFest Fusion and Reeling Film Festival in Chicago. The film is a story about a widower and his deceased husband's Dog finding a way to grieve together. Another film that has been in the circuit is By Proxy, which was awarded best horror / thriller at Short Cinefest, and also was a semi-finalist for the Los Angeles Crime and Thriller film festival. This film was about the victim of Munchausen By Proxy, and the tendencies for young victims to lose their voice when the accused party is their family member. 

Currently, Tim is working towards his first feature film dealing with Korean American Queer Christian Themes, which is another marginalized group that needs to be heard. This journey has also lead him to write a blog on Emerging From Erasure, which you can find at . 


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